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Campaign Manager

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Field Director

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Volunteer Coordinator


Born and raised in Florida, her family is from Cuba. she has lived in Manatee County since 1998 and is married to her husband of 19 years. She works as a nurses' assistant for the past 16 years. Caridad went to college at Keiser University in Sarasota flo. Graduated in 2007 in A.S  Crime Scene Tech. She is the Volunteer coordinator for The Eleuterio "Junior" Salazar campaign, has always been an activist for human rights and believe that everyone should have a voice. 

Political Director

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Finance Director

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Public Safety Outreach Director



Banker, entrepreneur, philanthropic educator. Jeremy is a Florida native, living in Manatee county for the past 7 years. he have a passion for teaching the youth financial literacy and education, while making the subject exciting for them. he is a foster/adoptive parent, and have strong ties to my community. Mr Bennett has been in banking for the past 3 years, and uses his job as a platform to spread financial education and literacy in neighborhoods that don’t receive this type of education when they are the ones that can use it most.

Green Initiatives Outreach Director

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Ordinances Outreach Director

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Healthcare/Social Services Outreach Director

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Equality Outreach Director


Born in Mexico, he has lived in the United States since he was 7 years old. He has been an advocate for equality and the immigration reform movement for years participating in demonstrations. He has experienced working alongside migrant workers from a young age. His wife is New Media Director, Juliet Jardines-Ferraioli, who he has a ferret named Alexander Ferrington with and hopes to get a dog named Aaron Furr in the future. 

General Media Director

New Media Director


A lifelong artist and designer, she graduated from Wesleyan College with a Bachelor's Degree majoring in studio art and minoring in psychology. As an openly bisexual woman she has always been a strong proponent for LGBTQ+ rights and women's rights. Currently she is working on starting her own online store selling prints of her artwork and paintings. She is happily married to Edmundo Jardines-Cruz, Equality Outreach Director, and they have a beloved pet ferret named Alexander Ferrington (named after Alexander Hamilton).